Wondrous Merry Warrior, also known as Wonder or Panic, is a player of LEGO Minifigures Online. He is a Lost Creations Ultramaster and owns Mr. Gold.

Bio Edit

Merry, began playing the game on July, 2014. His starting team was Cyclops, Plumber and Forest Maiden. He was the first for getting Chicken Suit Guy for his first ever member pack and obtaining Warrior Woman too, which helped him to build up his fame all over the game. However, he has also achieved on getting at least one purple glow in Series 13. When in-game, Merry knows how to handle a strategy in a Lost Creations run, combat, fighting bosses, etc, as his opinionated stance doesn't let him to give up so easily.

Record of Lost Creations Edit

Merry, Icy Frozen Glacier, Golden Majestic Meteor, and Stingy Potent Gadget set the record before Buy-to-Play when they got to level 41. This is now the all-time record before the Buy-to-Play update. Although when the game was already in Buy-to-Play version, he, Extreme Lucky Phoenix, Champion Mighty Warrior and Carbon Mystery Reactor, managed to get to level 47, hitting the second highest record for the time being in a Lost Creation run, the first being a level 52 run by Chaotic Whoosh Bug, Ion Cheerful Viper, and Extreme Lucky Phoenix.

Taking the 3rd place in the LMO Wiki Contest Edit

On September 2014, Wondrous Merry Warrior was the 3rd place winner in The LEGO Minifigures Online Wiki - Best Pirate Adventure Screenshot Contest, along with Extreme Fearsome Falcon (1st place winner) and Swift Nifty Builder (2nd place winner). The prize was 12 months membership and 7500 diamonds.

Warrior Woman vs the Jacket defenses

Warrior Woman, the 3rd place winning minifigure of the Contest.

Trivia Edit

He can get mad easily if it happens to notice a player that can threat the game due to bad language or acting. It would be so tough for someone to cloud his judgement about an in-game fact, although he likes to bring the spirits merriment and awesomeness.

In-game Quotes Edit

  • "Ain't nobody quicker'n me pardner!" when in race or to show off his wildness that is full of speed.
  • "Let's teach those bucket-heads a thing or two!" while attacking monsters in a Lost Creations run.
  • "You wanna play? Okay, let's play!" when he tries to lure a player or an enemy.
  • "This kitty has claws!" while using Tiger Woman in Monster Trials.
  • "Go home weak-ling!" when he eliminates a monster.