Vector Wabbit Zephyr is a player on Lego Minifigures Online. He is also known as Electron or Laser who started playing just before Christmas 2014! He has completed all Series 9 through 15 and has Mr. Gold and the Gold Aura for all Four accounts. The last account is Tawny.

About Vector Wabbit ZephyrEdit

Vector Wabbit Zephyr has collected 133 minifigures also known as Steely Electron Mayfly has collected 133 minifigures in his accounts in the LEGO Minifigures Online game. He also achieved the Gold Aura in these two accounts by completing Five Series of Minifigures before the deadline to do so and also before Series 15 came out. Along with his "Bestest Friend" a special title given to Truly Wiggly Meteor, they got their Gold Glow together for their Holiday Elf minifigure. It was on 05-Feb-2016 a special day and in attendance were many players. Player Solo Paladin Shield made a video of the celebration and he posted it. Finally Wabbit finished his THIRD account Sonic Laser Physics completing all Seven Series and got the Gold Aura thus achieving Minifigure World Champion status! On 06-July-2016 he finished his FOURTH account Golden Tawny Leopard completing seven Minifigure Series 9 through 15 before Series 16 was released and in all his glory began glowing Bright Gold. This event made him the FIRST and only player to complete the most accounts a total of 4!! His minifigures were collected individually by completing Pockets/Dungeon adventures and Lost Creations and by redeeming codes. The DJ and Fairy Minifigures were purchased directly. The Aztec Warrior and Viking Woman Minifigures were exclusively from purchasing the old Unlimited Memberships for each of his accounts. These are not available anymore. Santa was received by completing the Winter Pass Achievement. Also no longer available in game. Yes, Wabbit does have the Santa Minifigure in all four accounts; Electron, Wabbit, Laser and Tawny. :)

Wabbit's 4th account Golden Tawny Leopard received Cowboy Minifigure on 13Aug2016; then on 14Aug2016 he got Samurai Warrior. Finally on 15Aug2016 he got both the Spartan and Ninja parts needed thus completing all achievements and collecting 133 minifigures.

The EndEdit

Thank you and Goodbye to ALL my Friends!

Vector Wabbit Zephyr's Best FriendsEdit

Record of Lost CreationsEdit

Vector Wabbit Zephyr's Lost Creation record was to Level 56 with Chaotic Whoosh Bug and Truly Wiggly Meteor. On this run, Wabbit also got the Cowboy minifigure for his Sonic Laser Physics account.