Vector Metal Brick is a player on LEGO Minifigures Online. He is one of the many players to receive Mr. Gold after a level 35+ Lost Creation run. He is also a Lost Creations Grandmaster and was the first player to complete the Golden Glow. Metal also is known for inventing famous strategies in Lost Creations.

Record of Lost CreationsEdit

Before the Buy to Play update, Metal, Valiant Dino Warrior, Stingy Potent Gadget, and Ultra Fearsome Legend set the early record of 34 in Lost Creations, and later he, Stingy Potent Gadget, and Extreme Von Legend got to level 37.

Metal's team also set the Lost Creation record after the game became Buy to play. He, Staunch Summer Eggroll, Solo Paladin Shield, and Ion Cheerful Viper used to hold a record of 37 in Lost Creations for many weeks until finally being beaten by Carbon Mystery Reactor, Ace Savvy Dollar, and Ace Green Hammer, who managed to make a level 41 run.

Metal is known as a helpful friend and an overall "LMO extraordinaire".