Super Purple Cookie, also known as Purple, is a player of LEGO Minifigures Online. She has been playing before the transition to buy-to-play. She is a Lost Creations Grandmaster. She also owns the Ninja, a minifigure obtained only by getting to high levels of Lost Creations.

About Super Purple CookieEdit

She is well-known for being helpful, and she has made many friends through this way. One of her favorite minifigures is the Librarian. She spends most of her time in-game doing Lost Creations, exploring Out of Bounds or just chatting with friends. She used to sing song lyrics in the chat and encouraged others to join in, but this habit seems to have subsided recently. One of her favorite spots in-game is the area surrounded by two buildings in the LEGO Center. (SPC says: I call it the cafe area ;) )

Achievements In-gameEdit

  • Purple Glow for Series 9
  • Purple glow for Series 10
  • Purple Glow for Series 12
  • Purple Glow for Series 13
  • Purple Glow for Series 14
  • Owns all of the Lost Creations Figures
  • Lost Creations Grandmaster



  • She really likes coffee.