Carbon Mystery Reactor is a player on LEGO Minifigures Online. He is one of the many players to receive Mr. Gold after a level 40+ Lost Creation run. He is also a Lost Creations Ultramaster and has completed the Golden Glow.

Record of Lost CreationsEdit

Mystery's team of Ace Green Hammer, Ace Savvy Dollar, and Edible Rubble Kraken (who had to leave early because of a glitch) broke the Buy-to-Play Lost Creations record and got to level 41. They where the second team in the history of the game to get past level 40, although Icy Frozen Glacier and Ion Cheerful Viper later beat the record and got to level 43.

Mystery's current Lost Creation record is level 47 in a team with Champion Mighty Warrior, Extreme Lucky Phoenix, and Wondrous Merry Warrior.

Mystery was the first player to complete building all 10 of the new Lost Creation minifigures.